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The project stems from the will to bring the global changing world in which we live to all people, whether they have understood the subject or, on the contrary, or if it is the first time they have heard about it.

The information society has not only implied the development of communicative technologies that facilitate our daily social and working routines, but it has also made the cultural mosaic and human interaction much more complex.

The new context, where globalization, technologies and information exchange interact, has become more complex, making it necessary to understand the decisions made in the political and economic arena. The resulting synergies at the international level, such as a cause of a commercial war or a social movement for environmental defense, affect us all at the local level.

Global trends was born with the desire to bring the international to the local and, thus, be key to the future success of the decisions we make, whether we are civilians, companies, public institutions or investors.

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